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mpw Foundation

The mpw Foundation was established in 2001 by the partners of the mpw Beratungsteam AG with the aim of supporting projects and research work in the field of applied psychology.
The members of the Board are:
.. Daniela Lanini (Chairman)
.. Patrick Vonwil
.. Dr. Werner Murer
.. Hans Rudolf Hersche
Below are some of the projects which have benefited from the support of mpw Foundation:
.. A project to provide therapy to traumatised children in the former Yugoslavia.
.. A research project with a national scope on the question of whether woodland kindergartens promote the development of children’s motor activity and creativity
.. A newly-built psychiatric day rehab center in Bulgaria benefitting from the professional support of the Psychiatric Clinic of the Canton of Baselland.
.. Support to a female psychologist of a developing country for her thesis.
. . . . . .
.. Contribution to the film "Alkohol am Arbeitsplatz - ein kostspieliges Tabu" (Alcohol at work, a costly taboo) produced by the Forel clinic with the aim of preventing and treating alcoholism.
.. Grant to a thesis project on “Overcoming divorce as a child and as a teen“.
.. Investment contribution to the exhibition entitled "Von Bildwelten in der Psychiatrie" (Imagery in Psychiatry) at the Psychiatry Museum in Bern.
.. A project on the subject of needs-oriented sports (volleyball training) offered to social psychiatry patients, Social Psychiatry Department of the Zurich Oberland.
.. Investment contribution for the book “Go for Gold” written by the sports psychologist Eveline Dirren, introducing an approachable and promising coaching model for competitive sports.
.. A project for the development of a new personality test developed by the Department of Psychology, Social and Business Psychology of the University of Zurich.
The Board welcomes proposals for eligible projects:
. .