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Team Development

Effective and successful teamwork
Well-working teams are an essential prerequisite for top performance. Good teams that work well together are also the foundation for motivated and satisfied staff. Effective teamwork is an advantage to all concerned, both inside and outside the company, including clients.
One goal of team development is to ensure that individual team members maintain a solid grasp of the common tasks to be performed, and that they approach them with dedication and a sense of responsibility, putting their individual abilities and resources to the best use.
In a team development process, the participants learn to continually and critically monitor the way they work together as well as to cooperate in an effective and constructive manner.
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Reciprocal feedback is a key element in this process as it contributes substantially to the development of the team and to enhancing the social competence of all its members. We offer customised team development programmes based on clearly defined objectives. With our professional guidance, the team enhancement process is targeted and result-oriented.
Our services:
.. Standard Team Development: optimising teamwork
.. Team Development Plus: experiencing cooperation in indoor/outdoor exercises
.. Team Support: in case of impending changes or to promote a team development process
.. Short Team Development: introducing new team leadership or a new team
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