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Remote Assessment

Identifying and expanding potential – wherever you are
The mpw Remote Assessment provides a straightforward and efficient evaluation of a candidate`s abilities and behaviour patterns with regard to a targeted position, and can be performed from virtually any location around the world. Unlike online-only assessments, this process includes a behaviour-oriented interactive component which is conducted via Skype over an approximate 4-hour period, and constitutes the core of the assessment. In addition, the participant carries out various tasks online in advance and provides written preparatory documents (time requirement: 4-5 hours approximately). Together, the extensive preparatory part and the behaviour-oriented remote part allow a differentiated appraisal whose diagnostic conclusiveness is comparable to a classical Individual Assessment.
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As an SQS/Swiss Assessment qualified service provider, mpw can guarantee the highest quality standards in Remote Assessments as well as in its standard range of assessments.

As in the case of the classical mpw Individual Assessment, the Remote Assessment has a modular structure and can therefore be tailored specifically to the requirements of the mandating organisation. The preparatory tasks consist of an online test on work and performance as well as personality and preferences. The remote portion includes an interview as well as behavior simulations (management discussion, negotiations) and a self-assessment by the participant. The written report is designed to address position-specific requirements and is tailored to each individual using the highest quality standards (no template phrases). The written report is complemented by an oral feedback session on Skype.
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