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Recruitment and Selection

Professional support to help you fill key positions
When it comes to recruiting and selecting candidates for high-level decision-making positions or for positions in which the appointee is likely to have a high public exposure, our recruitment and selection process ensures the best possible outcome.
We provide support throughout the recruitment and selection process, or for separate parts of it, depending on your company`s specific needs. We can perform the analysis of the company and the position, formulate the requirements profile, draw up the advertisement, inform suitable candidates about the procedure and attend to any administrative concerns.
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We conduct job interviews in cooperation with your company`s policy-makers and propose candidates who we feel should undergo an individual assessment to evaluate their chances of success in the target position. A comparative analysis of the requirements profile and the assessment results is designed to minimise the risks of an unsuitable decision on the appointment. Finally, we provide support in preparing an introduction and training programme for the selected candidate.
It is not our policy to approach people who might be interested in a position, and we do not maintain a database of candidates.
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