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Our Philosophy

We assist individuals and organisations in their working environment in the tasks of assessing and developing their potential so that they may successfully shape their future.
We are a team of consultants with shared responsibility in mpw Beratungsteam AG. Our job is to connect individuals, psychology and the economy. In this process, we employ proven methods of applied psychology.

We cultivate long-term, trust-based relationships with our clients, candidates, colleagues and competitors. We promote a collaborative environment based on mutual trust and geared to long-term relationships, rather than just to individual cases.
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We know our clients and we focus on meeting their needs. Our many years of experience ensure that we can better understand our clients – requirements and that we are able to respond with a targeted, continuously controlled and fine-tuned professional approach to our services.

Flexibility and reliability are the cornerstones of our work methodology. This assures a serious, efficient and straightforward completion of the mandates entrusted to us.

We offer services of the highest quality by focusing on our core business and building upon our solid professional knowledge. Since 2012 our company has been certified by the quality standards of Swiss Assessment and the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS.

We promote a team-oriented environment, cultivate a joyful work atmosphere and an open feedback culture. For our clients, this philosophy ensures that we remain approachable and operate in a truly genuine and authentic manner.

mpw provides services internationally. We are active throughout Switzerland as well as in neighbouring countries. Our Swiss-based clients are in the regions of Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gall, Tessin, Winterthur, Zug, Zurich and in the western French-speaking part of the country. Meetings are generally held in our offices in Zurich or Zug.
Rudolf Brun Brücke