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Outplacement Consultancy

Reorientation after termination – Mastering the transition
Outplacement Consultancy addresses job seekers who are looking for a new direction in their career when facing the prospect of impending redundancy or after having been given notice. In this „between jobs“ phase we provide assistance by means of a structured, flexible and comprehensive set of procedures in all aspects which are relevant to the job-seeking process, at both the professional and personal level.
The Outplacement Consultancy puts its center of attention on those steps that are difficult to manage on their own in accordance with the principle of help for self-help. The focus lies on providing supportive measures which encourage job seekers to professionally master the job-hunting process and to skillfully navigate the job market.
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Outplacement Consultancy is delivered in three phases which can be weighted according to the distinct needs of each individual:
The initial step in Outplacement Consultancy is to provide orientation, to reflect on and to deal with the impact of the notice of termination. In the following step, core competences, preferences, strengths and weaknesses are identified as part of an evaluation of the individual`s potential, which leads to a personal realignment. Subsequently a strategy of application will be developed and an application file prepared for marketing, which also contains activating one`s network and other prospective channels. The last phase is about implementation which involves practicing job interviews and support in decision-making as well as in contract negotiations.
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