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Individual Assessment

Identifying and developing potential – on an individual basis
An Individual Assessment is the ideal instrument for evaluating potential, for assessing current status or selecting employees for specialist or management positions.

Over the course of one day, the candidate is evaluated as to his or her suitability for a specific position or a particular issue.

Our Individual Assessment provides a foundation for an objective and reliable evaluation of the potential of the person being assessed. The ensuing report describes each candidate`s social competences, their approach to problem-solving, their management skills and their goal orientation and their entrepreneurship. A personal profile outlining strong and weak points, as well as proposals for professional development goals and support measures, form the basis for planning future development. For the candidate, this assessment is a valuable third-person evaluation and definition of current skills. For the mandating organisation, it forms the basis for well-grounded and promising decision-making as regards personnel.
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The Assessment consists of an interview and of various role-playing exercises tailored to each specific situation, as well as presentations, case studies and problem-solving tasks. These procedures cover a wide spectrum of diversified requirements. The evaluation of the assessment tasks by qualified management diagnosticians on the basis of well-defined criteria and scientific test standards guarantees an objective and differentiated appraisal. The mpw Individual Assessments comply with the quality standards of Swiss Assessment and the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS (certification obtained in 2012).
Our services:
.. Standard Assessments for management and project leadership positions
.. Management Assessments for management positions with a strategic orientation
.. Executive Assessments for senior corporate management positions
.. Short Assessments for specialist and junior management positions
. . SQS - Certified Assessment Center Quality
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