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Career Consultancy

Success at shaping your professional future
Career consultancy provides you with an opportunity to assess your personality, your current situation, and your professional aspirations and goals. If you have any questions or concerns with regard to your professional development or if you are not satisfied with your present working situation or with the changes in your professional environment, our consultants will provide valuable support to help you in your decision-making process.
The primary goal of our career consultancy service is to support people in helping themselves. In practical terms, this procedure is tailored to the personal requirements of our clients and adapted to their specific situation. We do not however offer counselling regarding largely informative aspects such as choosing a suitable career or field of study.
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What we do is working together with you in defining your new career goals, considering your aptitudes and preferences as well as your professional motivation, and we stand by you during your re-orientation.
We supplement our discussions with specific testing procedures aimed at identifying skills and predispositions.

Career consultancy is a hunt for clues to your wishes and requirements. Sometimes, however, it may also be used to indicate the existence of subconscious constraints which inhibit the realisation of one`s visions and/or the optimal use of one`s knowledge. This kind of consultancy also helps in opening up possibilities for further development and showing future prospects.
Our services:
.. Career Consultancy Check: a compact, time-limited assessment of current status
.. Career Consultancy Standard: comprehensive current status assessment using a stepped approach
.. Career Consultancy Plus: comprehensive appraisal of potential and development paths