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Assessment and Development Centers

Identifying and developing potential – for groups
The Assessment Centers (AC) and the Development Centers (DC) are tailored tools for staff selection and training. The behaviour of a group of candidates is described and assessed by several members of Management against a set of clearly-defined requirements. Experienced mpw consultants act as moderators during the process.
We conduct practice-oriented group exercises and discussions, case studies, presentations, problem-solving scenarios and preference tests in conjunction with trained company observers. The results of the tests lead to, amongst others, well-grounded statements on the candidates – social and management skills as well as on their performance. The written report and the ensuing feedback discussion form an excellent basis for the participants – future development.
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Assessment or Development Centers prove particularly useful and meaningful when several participants need to be observed and evaluated simultaneously in interactive situations. The results may be used for selection purposes or as a basis for individual development. For those being evaluated, an AC/DC is a valuable assessment of the current status. For company observers, it provides an opportunity to investigate their own style of observation, leadership and feedback.
Our services:
.. Conceiving, organising, carrying out and following up on custom-made Assessment or Development Centers
.. Practical relevant training for observers with special emphasis on the appreciation of, and feedback on, behavioural patterns